14 Oct 2012

The Knitting And Stitching Show

So I decided to go with the textiles department on a school trip to Alexandra Palace on Thursday, to see the the Knitting and Stitching show, as hosted by Twisted Thread. And it was AWESOME.
We had to leave school at stupid o'clock, to get to London by 11am, and then we had four hours to go around the two rooms it was held in, and just look at GOODNESS.
The first room was exhibitions from students and professional artists and knitters, and there were things like knitted dinosaurs.

I know. You're welcome.

There was also actual arty stuff, by far my favorite of which was the 'Jabberwocky' exhibition by Sue Walton and Ann Small, which was honest-to-god incredible. It was like all my favorite things in one 3x6 meter space. Big dresses, bones, dead flowers, and tea pots. What more could a girl ask for? 

There's a bunch of rusty keys in the middle of a bone heart. I'm not sure that 'adorable' is the right word here, but it's the one I'm going to use.

It's in sepia because, hey, turns out that camera phones don't have the best quality.

This. I want it.

See the collar on that dress? Here's a close up:
Again with the camera phone/picture quality thing.

So what you got THERE, is rusty pins (like what would be in a proper Elizabethan collar), and tiny bones, fastened down with string, and red wax. And it's beautiful. 
My favorite actual article of clothing from the exhibition was defo this dress, by Deimante Meilune:

What you see here, is a knitted dress, and a knitted suit. I would probably get married, just for an excuse to wear that dress. Sod it, if I ever got my hands on that, I'd never take it off. I'd go to Tesco's in that. It's made entirely out the finest, knitted lace you could possibly imagine  including the layering at the bottom. Admittedly  there may be some minor problems with the whole holes/see through factors, but I'm pretty sure these can be overlooked. 

All pictures belonging to Ariane Dean, many thanks to Jojo for names, and to Mrs Manvel for sneaking me onto the list.

10 Oct 2012

It's Not Actually Dreaming If You're Awake And Not Drunk

So quite often I end up going into way too much detail about a dream that I had the night before,  to any friends who were apparently in said dream. 

Most of the time this is a downright lie. See, I daydream like, a lot, and my daydreams are always really interesting/funny/weird, so I feel a need to share them. However I also feel that if I go up to someone and say "I was sat in the library the other day and totally daydreamed that we ran away to Peru together and ended up adopting three children and living in a tree house." they will probably just back away and hope I don't know where they live.

BUT, if I say it was a dream (the kind you have when you're asleep), due to the fact that it was my subconscious creating the whole scenario, it resolves me of any creepy weirdness, and thus I escape without being labeled as a pedo. So quite often I end up telling people about these weird day dreams I have, but saying it was a night time dream. Even though it's probably just as creepy either way.

For example, I just got out of the bath, and I had a daydream that HB was talking to me about her media coursework, and ended up taking a photo of me, naked in the bath, and showing it to our media group. I would like to point out that this isn't entirely unlikely. Also, be flattered HB. The only person who has ever had the privilege hard luck to see me in the bath is CB. 

Normally I tell HB about this tomorrow, but say it was a dream instead. Now I'm going to face up to me demons, and tell her it was actually just a daydream. 
Not face to face, christ, what's wrong with you. I'm just going to tweet this to her and hope she doesn't stab me in the morning.

9 Oct 2012

The Manic Sewer Bunnies Of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

While In Newcastle this weekend

Me: Is that a rabbit?

Mum: Can't be, it's a tiny lawn in the middle of a flipping enormous city.

Me: I'm pretty sure that's a rabbit.

Mum: It's a rock.

Me: It's a rabbit.

Mum: It's not even moving- OH MY GOD IT'S A RABBIT.

Me: Yes.

Mum: Why is there a rabbit here?

Me: Why isn't there a rabbit here.

Mum: There are two more over there.

Me: I'm taking them.

Mum: I wonder if they live under the bushes.

Me: I'm going to hoard Newcastles rabbits.

Mum: But they'd have to travel over concrete.

Me: I'll open a geordie rabbit zoo.

Mum: Maybe they came through the sewers.


Mum: Manic sewer bunnies of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.