9 Oct 2012

The Manic Sewer Bunnies Of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

While In Newcastle this weekend

Me: Is that a rabbit?

Mum: Can't be, it's a tiny lawn in the middle of a flipping enormous city.

Me: I'm pretty sure that's a rabbit.

Mum: It's a rock.

Me: It's a rabbit.

Mum: It's not even moving- OH MY GOD IT'S A RABBIT.

Me: Yes.

Mum: Why is there a rabbit here?

Me: Why isn't there a rabbit here.

Mum: There are two more over there.

Me: I'm taking them.

Mum: I wonder if they live under the bushes.

Me: I'm going to hoard Newcastles rabbits.

Mum: But they'd have to travel over concrete.

Me: I'll open a geordie rabbit zoo.

Mum: Maybe they came through the sewers.


Mum: Manic sewer bunnies of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

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