21 Aug 2012

I wrote Fanfiction again

I started a series about the Avengers secret skills - this is the fist part, Clint Barton; juggling master.

When Thor returned from Asgard, Tony got sent to do track him down from the middle of Nebraska, because Thor has bad aim when it comes teleportation. They only get drunk three times on the way back, and at least one of those was post-breakup-with-Pepper consolation drinking, so it doesn’t count.
When they get back, Agent Hill and Natasha march them into the board room, along with the other Avengers, like a terrifying pair of ninja lady twins with a high interest in organisation. Hill announces that the whole team is going to move into Avengers Tower together. Tony wines that he likes his tower. Hill announces that Stark Tower will be re-named Avengers tower. Tony screams, and runs for the door, where Natasha neatly rugby tackles him, and pins both arms behind his back with one finger. Tony sobs into the carpet. Bruce ruffles his hair on the way out.

Show Us what You Got, Circus Kid

Problems I have with clothes these days

I went shopping today, with one of my friends from school. It was pretty fun, I showed her around all of my favorite vintage shops, and comic book stores, and then we headed into the center of town to look at the high street shops. And I'm not gonna lie - they baffle me.
I'm not sure when the happy medium with clothes stopped existing, or maybe I just go in some odd shops, but I'm pretty sure  that clothes come in two styles these days; tiny and missing chunks of fabric, or built like military tents.
Like, jumpers, for a start. I liked the old days of jumpers, when you could look pretty AND be warm, instead of being swamped in some Grand-dad style, knitted affair. Then dresses are the exact opposite. I remember the days when a dress covered ALL of your back, and WASN'T see through if it did.
I think I might just be old.
I blame the hipsters.
A xx

13 Aug 2012

A Small Panic Attack

So, does anyone else ever do that thing, when they're at home on their own, and they're in the shower, and there's loud music playing in the other room, so they can't really hear whats going on in the rest of the house. And then, as if from nowhere, they hear footsteps on the stairs...
And everything's like "SHIT. THERE'S NO ONE ELSE IN THIS GOD DAMN HOUSE I AM GOING TO FUCKING DIE OR GET RAPED OR SOME SHIT" and then you grab the bathroom scissors and a dressing gown and realize you've left the bathroom door open because there SHOULDN'T BE ANYONE ELSE IN THE FUCKING HOUSE, so you creep from room to room suuuuuuuuuper slowly holding the scissors like a sword acting like a motherfucking ninja.
This just happened to me.
Turned out it was just my neighbor shoving some furniture around next door.
A xx

Our Greatest Team

Ok, so first I'd jut like to clarify that I am proud of what our Olympic team did. Team GB is great, well done them, they did amazingly just for qualifying, never mind the many, many medals they won.
But, the thing that kind of really a bit cheeses me off, is when people insist on calling Team GB 'Our Greatest Team'. Of course they're our fucking greatest team! We're not exactly going to send 'Our Pretty Good Team', or 'Our Really Good At Somethings, But Not Quite As Good At Others Team' are we? That would be stupid. I think stating the obvious so incredibly heavily is just ridiculous, as if sporty types need reminding that the team is really good. My friend NT once said 'You can't have both fitness and intellect', but I think that's pushing it. (PS - I disagree with this, looking at Jennifer Pinches, the British gymnast who is also a nerdfighter.)
I'm easily wound up.
A xx

Knitting Bag

What, I'd forgotten about knitting? Think again! While in St Ives, Mum and I found a Cath Kidson shop. So, one thing that you should know, is that I kind of maybe a bit hate Cath Kidson , for the sole reason that Parent D is obsessed with all of her stuff. Which is, y'know, really freakin annoying. It's fine to just have one or two pieces of a designers work and be cool about it, but like my brother said, "There are some people who just ruin it for everyone. By being obsessed." (I think he may have been hinting at me at that point. I quickly shoved my comic books back in my handbag.)
But then I saw this, and fell in love.

It's just so pretty! I proper vintage-style knitting bag, long enough to keep some big needles in, and wide enough to store yarn for at least one project, if not two. I love how it's like a handbag; I'd happily have a gander around Manchester with it swinging from my arm. Here it is in action, in a massive traffic jam on the motor way.

Speaking of, some people got barbecues out in that traffic jam. On the motor way. WHAT? I get that sometimes, when stuck in a really long traffic jam, some people get out of their cars to stretch their legs, or have a wee, but I think cooking may be pushing it. I thought I was being silly with my knitting . But then I suppose that leads to the question; what else can you do in a traffic jam? There's an empty space, straight between the cars, about two meters wide, and I suppose, if one fancied it, you could do some cart wheels, or gallop a horse, or do rhythmic gymnastics. None of those are really very practical though, so maybe it would be best to stick to cooking. I suppose Jamie Oliver could probably do a pretty good job of it, because he has that knack of wandering into an unlikely place and finding a stove, table, ingredients and utensils just lying there, which is a skill I've never mastered. Bastard.

12 Aug 2012

Avengers (It's An Addiction)

So when The Avengers came out a few months ago, I somehow managed to go see it four times, with parent A, parent B, and two different sets of friends. I would very happily go see it again, and I'm pining for the DVD to be released.
(Also, I've seen Spider-Man twice, and again, would happily see it a third.)
So, I've never really done the whole 'merch' thing, buying t-shirts and so forth.
Until now.
In the last week, I've bought a Black Widow t-shirt, Avengers Lego, a comic, Spider-Man candy sticks (Actually Mum got me those), a Spider-Man DVD (an old one), a Captain America comic book and a Marvel Heros coloring book. I nearly bought an Avengers stick book and character guide, but funds were running low. I also nearly bought Marvel Top Trumps, but that shop had closed. Sad.
I've finally decided that there's no point in fighting it any more; I am doomed to the life of a comic book nerd.  I've already got a few of the older comics, and to be honest, if any of the books every come my way again, I probably won't hesitate.
I don't think it's a bad thing, for all obsessions. There's enough of it produced to keep me stimulated, and while my mum thinks I'm ridiculous, she's happy if I'm happy.
I don't think obsessions are bad at all, as long as you remember to keep a balance between fantasy and reality (in other words; go outside every now and then).
NB; if you're protesting at this saying "But I'm dedicated, it's not an obsession, then honey, it's probably an obsession, stop deluding yourself.
One of the best thing about my Marvel obsession, is how it, honest to god, inspires me. Black Widow encourages me to get fit, and try martial arts, while Hawkeye is mentally shoving a bow and arrow in my hand, Spider-Man has pretty much given me back my love of science.
So sod you and your fangirly judgement, I have a Hulk.
Az xx

11 Aug 2012

Holiday (The First)

I've been in St. Ives! For a week, with the family, and it was lovely.
We stayed in a holiday cottage that was literally on the beach. If you fell out of a window, you would hit sand. It was awesome.
There was a large alcove, with two chairs and walls made of windows looking out across the sea, and I spent most of my time there, reading. I got through One Hundred And One Dalmatians,  Let's Pretend This Never Happened (by Jenny Lawson - @thebloggess, an amazing woman), and through most of The Night Watch (by Sarah Waters, check out the BBC dramatization).
I will follow later with pictures, I got some really nice stuff while I was down there.

Also - reminder to myself - I need to blog about Fifty Shades of Grey, holiday and Cath Kidson.