20 Jun 2012

Help, There's A Gun In My Yarn Stash

I started writing a new fan fic, crossing over my current two fave things; knitting and The Avengers; Have a snippet and a link. A xx

“Barton... are you... knitting?”

The other agent flicked his head backwards to peer at her, upside down. “Problem Tash?”

“No, I just didn’t take you for the granny sort...”

He attempted to shrug, but upside down, it came out as more of a wiggle. “One of the acrobats taught me in the circus. It kept me from doing target practice with the clowns hats.” He grinned, and looked back to the bundle of thin black yarn and needles in his hands. “You should try it some time; you might make a cute little spider web, or a vodka cosy, or whatever.”


19 Jun 2012

Ideal Knitting Conditions

You may have guessed by now; I like knitting. However, I like certain places and things when I knit. For example, my best knitting conditions are stood up, in my kitchen, alone, while it's dark and warm, with a load of music videos on my laptop I can sing along to/Radio 4. Also, I like knitting in school, with JW, sat having a bit of a gossip with the back ground noise of a hundred awkward teenagers. As always, I like to knit with a cup of tea. (Not actually knitting the tea, drinking the tea while knitting, you understand.)
Oddly enough, I can't knit on trains. No idea why.
The beginnings of CH's handwarmers.... and tea. As always.

What can I say, people love me!

I taught two people how to knit today! I've been reading a fan fiction about Captain America knitting, and his mum uses a rhyme to teach him, so I did the same thing, and it worked. Self five!
SH and CH both asked me to knit them some handwarmers, Loki ones for SH (Awesome, right) and just some warm, slouching-round-the-house type ones for CH. I finally have a use for my massive ball of glittery black yarn...
Things aren't very productive in school yet; due to the current few weeks being like a warm up period for next year.
Speech and drama was pretty fun, we went over a lot of pieces, for the concert, and possible exam pieces. Nearly got Bright Star learnt off by heart.
Now if you'll excuse me, I have to knit, drink tea, and continue to be middle class.
A xx

18 Jun 2012


I went for another walk! Yay! (And my hay fever was so bad)
Went walking over the hills with mum after dinner, probably about two miles again. Knitted another hand warmer, my first Hawkeye one, then spent my even spamming Ravelry. Yay, yay, yay.
Spent my afternoon being bullied by Mrs W, for knitting in her lesson. I tried to convince her that it helps me concentrate, but she's having none of it. Mrs S has also started treating me like a new drama dept. pet. The headmaster came to watch our drama lesson, and he came in while I was the only student there, sat on ther floor knitting. Mrs S introduced me as 'the eager one'.

Black Widow handwarmers! Now totally finished :D

Close up of my finbonnaci Loki Scarf

Children aren't monsters (more or less)

So today I volunteered to help out at my school library, doing a work shop with some primary school kids, and part of this involved marking a cardboard monster. I had one of the kids writing down some facts about the monster, for when we would  present it to the rest of the group, and at some point she asked "Where does the monster live?" So, being the good persona I am, I tried to get the kids involved in thinking up places where a monster might lives, and the first kid that pipped up went "A cave of emotion!"
Naturally, my response to this was "Great! So where is the cave?"
This was followed up with a second kid saying "Um... Birmingham?"

And that's the story of how I came to not hate children as much as I used to.

17 Jun 2012


I was at Dads all day today, cause, y'know fathers day. Thus, unproductive. I slept until Dad woke me up, in an attempt to avoid the company of the household (mean), then we went out for lunch. It was unhealthy. I didn't care.
So anyways, I took the dog for a walk when we got home, which was lovely. She was behaved, which was weird. The weather was lovely, and there was a hell ton of plants, which is enjoyable. It was (roughly) two miles long, with a moody cocker spaniel. Not bad for a lazy Sunday afternoon.
Got home, was depressed, so I read a book from when I was small, then went to the park to go on the swings for an hour (weeeeeeeeee).
And now I've started knitting some new hand warmers :3
Hey, I could be doing a lot worse
A xx

Welcome To God Knows Where, Population: Me

Ooooooh boy. So this is my dedication to get better at life, right? If you read it, great, congrats at that, but mainly it's just me struggling to get my shit together. So what do I do? Well, I'm doing my A levels. I knit, I want to be a writer, so that'll appear. I (try) to work out and jog. I'm going my Grade 7 and 8 speech and drama this year, as well as the school play. But y'know, we're going to have fun? Right?
I'm using the same basis of therapy John Watson uses in Sherlock - he blogs about his life to help him. Lets see if it works...