27 Nov 2012

So There Was This Hat

I bought a hat last week. 

"Big deal!" I hear you cry. But no, wait, you don't understand. Let me show you.

Meet Anna Dello Russo, editor with Vogue Japan, and amazing fashion designer. She recently released a collab range with H&M.

Sexy box for a sexy hat. I could live in that thing, it's huge. 

 I was watching a program with my mother a while back called Show Us Your Wardrobe, and it was an episode featuring Paloma Faith. She showed off a hat that had been sent to her from H&M, to help with publicity.
I fell in love.

That is one big ass bird on your head there, Az.

So yes, I went out and bought the hat. I somehow, magically, got it half price, and I know that some people had been queuing for hours the day the range was launched to get their dirty mits on it.

Kind of a sexy bird, though. Right?

I am a very lucky fashionista.

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