22 Sep 2012

Some Things I do Like

I'm aware that I spend a lot of time on this blog having a bit of a moan( mostly about cardigans), and I'm really very sorry about that (but not really). So I thought I should mention some things I do like.

Parasols. They are the best Asian fashion accessory ever. In my opinion.

Adam Ant. It's quite a long time since he first toured, but yes, I still love his music, and I still love him, whatever he's been through.

Scones (pronounced to rhyme with bones). Shut up, I'm British.

My little dog. She's called Daisy. Naww.

Sherlock and John. Two of my favorite fictional character, portrayed here in book mark form, a present from HB.

Knitting. Here be my Black Widow yarn. Currently I'm working on an 80s style head band.

This seal. Aww.

A xx

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