7 Jan 2013

Then I Realized How Rural My Upbringing Has Beem

So I went to Whitby last week, which was nice. Just a couple of days away with Mum and the step father, to clean out the cobwebs before we all went back to functioning in society. We visited the abbey, and the museum, and did a lot of shopping. I bought a cardigan. Yes, it is very nice, thank you. It's red, and has a little embroidered anchor. We did a lot of walking, and nearly stole a dog. I fell down a lot of stairs, and Mum nearly cried at the amount of themed tea shops we visited. 

I also realized how very, very rural my upbringing has been. Where I live, if you need to get something useful, like bread, or toothpaste, you have to plan to go and get these things at least a week in advance, maybe a little less if you can drive. Most people are used to the fact that, half an hour before Boot's shuts, they can just walk there, get what they need, on the spur of the moment, and be home in time for tea, thank you very much. Not me. Oh no, I was baffled by this.  I needed face wipes. Boots would be shut in half an hour. Grabbed the handbag, ran down the road, and was back within about five minutes. I ended up staring at the wall for the entirety of the next day trying to get over the fact that I didn't need to catch a train, or a bus, or cycle anywhere. I'm going to be rubbish when I move out. I'll probably break when I discover Tesco Metro. 

I also fell in a lake, trying to escape from the Abby, then nearly threw up in a church, but that's a very different story.

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