1 May 2013

Halfway There, Day 3: Below The Line

I went shopping today. At nine in the evening to the local Coop, to see if there was anything they were trying to get rid of before it went past it's sell by date. I had 49p left, out of my original five pounds. I could have bought one Muller yogurt (27p) or a can of baked beans (42p) or a second jar of jam (35p). In the end I think I chose wisely. I used 44p.

I don't really know what to do with them. Before I would have gobbled the whole lot down in about six seconds, but now all I can think is ihavebiscuitsihavebiscuitsihavebiscuits. They're great. After staring at the for about half an hour, I finally had four, with a cup of tea. It was better than being given a foot massage by God. But now I only have two days left, and suddenly it all seems quite easy. There's not much time left, it's the home stretch. School is still hard, but now I can take custard creams along with my jam sandwiches along with my carrot sticks, and it seems rather more doable. I know I'll be able to come home to tea and biscuits, and it all seems rather more inviting. I have plenty of porridge oats and pasta left, and enough for two days kidney beans and sweetcorn. There's also quite a staggering amount of soup, for three carrots, two parsnips, a turnip and an onion. This is okay, I can do this. I have biscuits. And jam.
I have decided I'm not going to my after school Drama lesson tomorrow. Even with biscuits  it just all seems too much. Too long a day on a tiny lunch. The evenings are fine, there's loads then. It's just the rest of the day which is exhausting. The monotony of having the same food every single day yet hasn't hit - I think I've been too busy going Food! Gimmiegimmiegimmie! to notice that it's the same thing I had the day before, and the day before that. I'm far too busy being grateful. And growling at anyone who comes within five feet of any pans I'm using (sorry Mum). 
I found out this morning that we have a bank holiday on Monday, which means that this weekend will be a solid, three day cake fest. I plan on going into town, and burning myself up in a very expensive coffee shop, laughing manically, then sobbing into a mocha and going home to desperately make more porridge. 
Please carry on donating, we're at £125 at the moment, and it would be great if we could make it to £200 by the end of the week. 
Many thanks, see you tomorrow!

PS I added a new blog to my blogroll, my lovely friend Jojo, a very wonderful lady spoon carver. (She's a lady who carves spoons, not someone who carves lady spoons.)

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