30 Apr 2013

End Of Day 2: Below The Line

So it's the end of day 2, and we've hit our target! As of eight o'clock Tuesday evening, there is £110 in the sponsorship pot. As a result, I've raised the target to £200, since we hit the first target so quickly, I think we'll be in with a chance of making this one.
It's been an okay day, I felt pretty good when I woke up, and had my porridge and tea. Around ten, elevenish I was getting quite tired and peckish, so had a quarter of a jam sandwich at  morning break and the remaining quarter in the late afternoon. For lunch I had 1.5 jam sandwiches and some carrot sticks. 
I have to say that the afternoon kinda sucked, I was extremely tired and a couple of jam sandwiches isn't really enough to keep you going through a school day. It's also a bit rubbish when everyone around you is eating cake and big mugs of hot chocolate. I have a very intense craving for cheese. And cake. Mostly the cake. Much of this seems to be quite psychological - even though I'm having plenty to eat, it ain't great knowing that I can't have a nice cup of tea or a snack when I get home. 
I had a portion of soup and some of the pasta, again with sauce and sweetcorn, for dinner. I mixed some of the kidney beans into the soup to make it go a little further. 
Mum and I are considering going to Morrisons on Thursday evening to try and pick up anything going for under 50p before it hits it's sell by date. I may have cake after all.
But now, it is half eight and I finally get another cup of tea, then bath, porridge and bed.
It could be worse.
Please carry on donating, we're doing so well so far!

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