20 Sep 2012

My Problem With Cardigans

I hate ‘vintage’ cardigans.
There, I said it. Especially the baggy ones. I honestly can’t stand the sight of any lanky young thing wandering around town in a baggy cardigan from an overpriced retro shop. But usually, it’s only cardigans from, say, the 70s onwards that I really have a problem with. They’re baggy. They’re ugly, and usually come in shades of rotting aubergine. And no one in their right mind would ever wear a cardigan from the 60s. Embroidery. Blegh.
I’m not a total bitch, mind. I do like some cardigans. I like the ones from the 50s, which were fitted and small, and pretty, with knitted lace collars. I like those cardigans. I think you’d be hard pushed getting a bloke in one of those, though. Apart from my ex, who had a prettier waistline than me.
Sorry boys, I love you, I really do.
I just hate your cardigans.

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