12 Sep 2012

Back To School

I'm finally back at school.
This is my last year at secondary school, where I will finally sit the exams that will (literally) decide what I will do for the rest of my life.
Scary, huh? Tell me about it.
For anyone who's interested, I'm taking Media, Drama and English Language, which makes me sound like a tit retard up-my-own-arse mofo.
Which I am.
But to be honest, I really, really enjoy it, because it gives me chances to do things like pretend to be the plague, and show of my unreasonable knowledge of Marxism, and write essays about knitting. Yeah, I think I'm doing pretty well for myself.
I'm already pretty tired, on top of school work, I'm also doing the play, which is amazing, and getting ready to do my Speech And Drama Grade 7 exam. I'm going to perform The Raven, a monologue from Midsummer Nights Dream, and the introduction to Pirates, an Adventure with Scientists, because I'm strange.
I've finally started using the school gym...

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