30 Mar 2013

Losing Touch With Reality Through Technology

I was having a brief catch up with Mum last night, since I've been away. I told her all about London, and my friends. She told me about the cats, and the snow, and then "Oh, I wrote a sonnet the other day. Do you want a cup of tea?"
Alarm bells went off. My mother wrote a sonnet. I assumed it was for her Open University course (she's studying Introduction To The Arts). What do I do now? Should I ask her if I can read it? I want to read it, certainly. But I don't want to read it while she's there - there's a chance that might lead to a talk about 'feelings', and 'what it really means'. I'm rubbish at both of these things. A better idea would be to try and read it slyly, behind her back. So all I'd have to do is hack her computer - easy, she told me her password ages ago and isn't yet suspicious of me enough to change it. 
No, wait, she's doing most of her OU work on paper. That means she's probably written it in a notebook. 
How do you hack notebooks?

In other news, my home girl Nikki has restarted her photography blog. I like it because she talks about me a lot.

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