28 Apr 2013

Shut Up

New thing
I hate all teenage fangirls
Well, not a new thing, quite a few of them are dicks anyway. But usually it's the Sherlock, or Doctor Who fandoms that get on my tits. I thought the Merlin fandom was better than this.
See, Colin Morgan (who plays the lead in Merlin, if you've been living under a rock) is currently the The Globes production of The Tempest, playing Ariel alongside Roger Allam's Prospero. So far, I haven't heard a single word about his performance, even though he's playing the lead. All I've seen online so far has been teenage girls screeching about Colin, and how much they adored his performance.
I probably wouldn't mind so much if anyone actually put forward a decent write up of his acting or how he interpreted the script, but mostly it's just... well, swooning.  One which throughly made me want to put pens in my eyes said (and I quote); "he was stood at the front of the stage shouting in Shakespeare..."  
You do realize that William Shakespeare wrote in English, right? It's not a different language. All words that we know and use now. Idiot. The rest of the 'article' (I use the term loosely) was dedicated to how Colin held eye contact with the writer for a few seconds. Of course he sodding did. He's an actor. When you're on stage, you hold the audience's gaze. It's how you make sure they're playing attention. It's his job.
Roughly three seconds ago, I saw a set of photos taken of Colin during a tech rehearsal. In the description  the poster had mentioned that there was a sign outside asking for photos not to be taken, but she took them anyway. RE, if you take photos, you are not doing the wider world a service, you are just being highly disrespectful to some very hard working people.
I'm sure Colin knew his would happen, he knows about the fandom and he's not stupid. But he doesn't deserve this. Fair enough, tell him you enjoyed Merlin, but let him know you enjoyed The Tempest as well. 
And please stop acting like Shakespeare is so impossible to understand.
Rant over.

This post dedicated to Nikki, who thought all fangirls were annoying, even when she was one. It turns out you were right.

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