17 Jun 2012


I was at Dads all day today, cause, y'know fathers day. Thus, unproductive. I slept until Dad woke me up, in an attempt to avoid the company of the household (mean), then we went out for lunch. It was unhealthy. I didn't care.
So anyways, I took the dog for a walk when we got home, which was lovely. She was behaved, which was weird. The weather was lovely, and there was a hell ton of plants, which is enjoyable. It was (roughly) two miles long, with a moody cocker spaniel. Not bad for a lazy Sunday afternoon.
Got home, was depressed, so I read a book from when I was small, then went to the park to go on the swings for an hour (weeeeeeeeee).
And now I've started knitting some new hand warmers :3
Hey, I could be doing a lot worse
A xx

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