19 Jun 2012

What can I say, people love me!

I taught two people how to knit today! I've been reading a fan fiction about Captain America knitting, and his mum uses a rhyme to teach him, so I did the same thing, and it worked. Self five!
SH and CH both asked me to knit them some handwarmers, Loki ones for SH (Awesome, right) and just some warm, slouching-round-the-house type ones for CH. I finally have a use for my massive ball of glittery black yarn...
Things aren't very productive in school yet; due to the current few weeks being like a warm up period for next year.
Speech and drama was pretty fun, we went over a lot of pieces, for the concert, and possible exam pieces. Nearly got Bright Star learnt off by heart.
Now if you'll excuse me, I have to knit, drink tea, and continue to be middle class.
A xx

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