18 Jun 2012


I went for another walk! Yay! (And my hay fever was so bad)
Went walking over the hills with mum after dinner, probably about two miles again. Knitted another hand warmer, my first Hawkeye one, then spent my even spamming Ravelry. Yay, yay, yay.
Spent my afternoon being bullied by Mrs W, for knitting in her lesson. I tried to convince her that it helps me concentrate, but she's having none of it. Mrs S has also started treating me like a new drama dept. pet. The headmaster came to watch our drama lesson, and he came in while I was the only student there, sat on ther floor knitting. Mrs S introduced me as 'the eager one'.

Black Widow handwarmers! Now totally finished :D

Close up of my finbonnaci Loki Scarf

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