20 Jun 2012

Help, There's A Gun In My Yarn Stash

I started writing a new fan fic, crossing over my current two fave things; knitting and The Avengers; Have a snippet and a link. A xx

“Barton... are you... knitting?”

The other agent flicked his head backwards to peer at her, upside down. “Problem Tash?”

“No, I just didn’t take you for the granny sort...”

He attempted to shrug, but upside down, it came out as more of a wiggle. “One of the acrobats taught me in the circus. It kept me from doing target practice with the clowns hats.” He grinned, and looked back to the bundle of thin black yarn and needles in his hands. “You should try it some time; you might make a cute little spider web, or a vodka cosy, or whatever.”


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