21 Aug 2012

I wrote Fanfiction again

I started a series about the Avengers secret skills - this is the fist part, Clint Barton; juggling master.

When Thor returned from Asgard, Tony got sent to do track him down from the middle of Nebraska, because Thor has bad aim when it comes teleportation. They only get drunk three times on the way back, and at least one of those was post-breakup-with-Pepper consolation drinking, so it doesn’t count.
When they get back, Agent Hill and Natasha march them into the board room, along with the other Avengers, like a terrifying pair of ninja lady twins with a high interest in organisation. Hill announces that the whole team is going to move into Avengers Tower together. Tony wines that he likes his tower. Hill announces that Stark Tower will be re-named Avengers tower. Tony screams, and runs for the door, where Natasha neatly rugby tackles him, and pins both arms behind his back with one finger. Tony sobs into the carpet. Bruce ruffles his hair on the way out.

Show Us what You Got, Circus Kid

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