3 Feb 2013

It's Just... I've Been REALLY Busy

I'm aware that I've been neglecting this blog a little, over the past few weeks. This may be because I now know I have an audience, there is more pressure to please, and write something interesting, which I just haven't been able to think of. It may be because I've been quite busy, and with the added pressure of coursework, haven't had that much time to blog.
Or it might just be that I'm really, goddamn lazy.
Either way, I got a new camera for Christmas so I thought I'd indulge myself, and show you all the things I've been doing which I haven't been online.

Whitby happened...
I dressed up like Noel Fielding to visit 221B Baker Street on my 18th...
I was coerced by my mother into taking this slightly shady photo  with a police man outside the Sherlock Holmes Museum...
I had my first legal drink at the Sherlock Holmes pub just before we went to see Spamalot...
CH and I walked the Monsal trail...
And it was hilarious...
And then SB and I both looked glorious at CG's party - a very happy birthday to her!

 I promise I'll get back to regular updates soon. But they may just be me crying over coursework.

Things That Happened... (Prizes if you guess the theme)
A fox with a camera
Another fox with a camera
Yet another fox with a camera
The best fox with a camera

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