21 Feb 2013

Summoning Brian Cox Like A Demon (But Sexier)

Three background points you need for this story:

  1. I am currently deeply infatuated with Brian Cox
  2. Brian Cox lives in Manchester
  3. I went out in Manchester the other night with some friends.
Cue me sat in a pizza shop at half two in the morning, with my brother, staring at my phone and gently crying "Brian Cox never tweeted me back." In my defence, it was my brother's idea to tweet him in the first place. We were on Canal Street at the time, which is a part of Manchester which is world famous for it's gay village. I was talking (mostly to myself) about how awesome it would be to have Brian Cox in a gay club, and the tweeting him was suggested. Let's face it, it would have been hilarious. Unfortunately, as we were out clubbing, I ended  up a wee bit tipsy. I get scheme-y when I'm tipsy. And  then I came up with the idea that it's possible to summon Brian Cox, like a demon. Which is how I ended up outside TigerTiger screaming "D:REAM" at the sky. I have to admit, nothing happened. We walked back through the city to the hotel, and naturally, all spent most of the way with our eyes peeled, in case any unknowing physicists popped up anywhere.
None did.
However, When we got back to the hotel, OE and I got in bed, and stuck the telly on, only to witness Brian Cox, eating a curry. Coincidence? I THINK NOT. 

I take this as a sign from the universe that I need to try harder with my summoning.

Thats a stylised CERN logo on my forehead, there. The pink lipstick is in honour of all the  godawful bands he was in, in the 80's. All I need now are some candles, salt pentagram, and a large hadron colider.

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