11 Aug 2012

Holiday (The First)

I've been in St. Ives! For a week, with the family, and it was lovely.
We stayed in a holiday cottage that was literally on the beach. If you fell out of a window, you would hit sand. It was awesome.
There was a large alcove, with two chairs and walls made of windows looking out across the sea, and I spent most of my time there, reading. I got through One Hundred And One Dalmatians,  Let's Pretend This Never Happened (by Jenny Lawson - @thebloggess, an amazing woman), and through most of The Night Watch (by Sarah Waters, check out the BBC dramatization).
I will follow later with pictures, I got some really nice stuff while I was down there.

Also - reminder to myself - I need to blog about Fifty Shades of Grey, holiday and Cath Kidson.

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