23 Dec 2012

Benefits of Wales

So I go to Wales a lot, if I haven't already made that obvious enough. And, y'know, Wales gets a lot of stick, mostly from me. So I tried to think of some benefits of being in Wales, and what wales brings to the table. More for my own sanity, than anything else.

  1. It's really far away from everyone you don't want to see. Wales is far away, this is how Wales works. You can be in Wales, and still be really, really far away from everyone else in Wales. This is useful when you're not that fond of a lot of people, or if you've just committed a murder.
  2. You can not shower for weeks, and no one will notice. The single benefit of rain. If you think it rains a lot in England, just wait till you get to Wales. It's just bloody silly.
  3. I ran out.

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