12 Aug 2012

Avengers (It's An Addiction)

So when The Avengers came out a few months ago, I somehow managed to go see it four times, with parent A, parent B, and two different sets of friends. I would very happily go see it again, and I'm pining for the DVD to be released.
(Also, I've seen Spider-Man twice, and again, would happily see it a third.)
So, I've never really done the whole 'merch' thing, buying t-shirts and so forth.
Until now.
In the last week, I've bought a Black Widow t-shirt, Avengers Lego, a comic, Spider-Man candy sticks (Actually Mum got me those), a Spider-Man DVD (an old one), a Captain America comic book and a Marvel Heros coloring book. I nearly bought an Avengers stick book and character guide, but funds were running low. I also nearly bought Marvel Top Trumps, but that shop had closed. Sad.
I've finally decided that there's no point in fighting it any more; I am doomed to the life of a comic book nerd.  I've already got a few of the older comics, and to be honest, if any of the books every come my way again, I probably won't hesitate.
I don't think it's a bad thing, for all obsessions. There's enough of it produced to keep me stimulated, and while my mum thinks I'm ridiculous, she's happy if I'm happy.
I don't think obsessions are bad at all, as long as you remember to keep a balance between fantasy and reality (in other words; go outside every now and then).
NB; if you're protesting at this saying "But I'm dedicated, it's not an obsession, then honey, it's probably an obsession, stop deluding yourself.
One of the best thing about my Marvel obsession, is how it, honest to god, inspires me. Black Widow encourages me to get fit, and try martial arts, while Hawkeye is mentally shoving a bow and arrow in my hand, Spider-Man has pretty much given me back my love of science.
So sod you and your fangirly judgement, I have a Hulk.
Az xx

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