13 Aug 2012

Our Greatest Team

Ok, so first I'd jut like to clarify that I am proud of what our Olympic team did. Team GB is great, well done them, they did amazingly just for qualifying, never mind the many, many medals they won.
But, the thing that kind of really a bit cheeses me off, is when people insist on calling Team GB 'Our Greatest Team'. Of course they're our fucking greatest team! We're not exactly going to send 'Our Pretty Good Team', or 'Our Really Good At Somethings, But Not Quite As Good At Others Team' are we? That would be stupid. I think stating the obvious so incredibly heavily is just ridiculous, as if sporty types need reminding that the team is really good. My friend NT once said 'You can't have both fitness and intellect', but I think that's pushing it. (PS - I disagree with this, looking at Jennifer Pinches, the British gymnast who is also a nerdfighter.)
I'm easily wound up.
A xx

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