21 Aug 2012

Problems I have with clothes these days

I went shopping today, with one of my friends from school. It was pretty fun, I showed her around all of my favorite vintage shops, and comic book stores, and then we headed into the center of town to look at the high street shops. And I'm not gonna lie - they baffle me.
I'm not sure when the happy medium with clothes stopped existing, or maybe I just go in some odd shops, but I'm pretty sure  that clothes come in two styles these days; tiny and missing chunks of fabric, or built like military tents.
Like, jumpers, for a start. I liked the old days of jumpers, when you could look pretty AND be warm, instead of being swamped in some Grand-dad style, knitted affair. Then dresses are the exact opposite. I remember the days when a dress covered ALL of your back, and WASN'T see through if it did.
I think I might just be old.
I blame the hipsters.
A xx

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