13 Aug 2012

A Small Panic Attack

So, does anyone else ever do that thing, when they're at home on their own, and they're in the shower, and there's loud music playing in the other room, so they can't really hear whats going on in the rest of the house. And then, as if from nowhere, they hear footsteps on the stairs...
And everything's like "SHIT. THERE'S NO ONE ELSE IN THIS GOD DAMN HOUSE I AM GOING TO FUCKING DIE OR GET RAPED OR SOME SHIT" and then you grab the bathroom scissors and a dressing gown and realize you've left the bathroom door open because there SHOULDN'T BE ANYONE ELSE IN THE FUCKING HOUSE, so you creep from room to room suuuuuuuuuper slowly holding the scissors like a sword acting like a motherfucking ninja.
This just happened to me.
Turned out it was just my neighbor shoving some furniture around next door.
A xx

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