13 Aug 2012

Knitting Bag

What, I'd forgotten about knitting? Think again! While in St Ives, Mum and I found a Cath Kidson shop. So, one thing that you should know, is that I kind of maybe a bit hate Cath Kidson , for the sole reason that Parent D is obsessed with all of her stuff. Which is, y'know, really freakin annoying. It's fine to just have one or two pieces of a designers work and be cool about it, but like my brother said, "There are some people who just ruin it for everyone. By being obsessed." (I think he may have been hinting at me at that point. I quickly shoved my comic books back in my handbag.)
But then I saw this, and fell in love.

It's just so pretty! I proper vintage-style knitting bag, long enough to keep some big needles in, and wide enough to store yarn for at least one project, if not two. I love how it's like a handbag; I'd happily have a gander around Manchester with it swinging from my arm. Here it is in action, in a massive traffic jam on the motor way.

Speaking of, some people got barbecues out in that traffic jam. On the motor way. WHAT? I get that sometimes, when stuck in a really long traffic jam, some people get out of their cars to stretch their legs, or have a wee, but I think cooking may be pushing it. I thought I was being silly with my knitting . But then I suppose that leads to the question; what else can you do in a traffic jam? There's an empty space, straight between the cars, about two meters wide, and I suppose, if one fancied it, you could do some cart wheels, or gallop a horse, or do rhythmic gymnastics. None of those are really very practical though, so maybe it would be best to stick to cooking. I suppose Jamie Oliver could probably do a pretty good job of it, because he has that knack of wandering into an unlikely place and finding a stove, table, ingredients and utensils just lying there, which is a skill I've never mastered. Bastard.

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